Cover Art!

You might recall that I found some nifty Japanese cover art for Tarma and Kethry. I also found some great Last Herald-Mage bookcovers! Apparently Japan split each book into two parts, so here you are: six adorable manga-style shaych boys.

Magic’s Pawn

Magic’s Promise

Magic’s Price

I love them! For one thing, unlike the Jody Lee covers, Van is WHITE by Magic’s Price. They’re a bit silly, but hey, that’s what I love about book covers.


Heralds of Valdemar Reviews: Magic’s Price

Magic’s Price
Mercedes Lackey
The Last Herald-Mage: Book 3

This is the first time I’ve finished this book in a decade. Similarly to Magic’s Pawn, I couldn’t read this without crying—and the end just depressed me so much I didn’t bother to read it. I would read up until the end of the Forst Reach section, and leave the story with its resolution of parental acceptance and Vanyel being united with his new love, Stefen. But this is the story of the Last Herald-Mage and his heroic death, so logic says, this is the book where all the Herald-Mages die. SPOILER LOL.

Seriously, though, this is the roughest ride of all the books. Worthwhile, yes, and well-written, yes, but ooph, it’s heavy.

The strand of brightness is Stefen, the Bard that desperately wants to be Vanyel’s lover. Magic’s Price is as much his story as Vanyel’s, somewhat similarly to Magic’s Pawn, where much of the drama was Tylendel’s. Stefen and Vanyel’s nephew Medren plotting to get the famous Herald-Mage laid is pretty funny.


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