Tea Recipe: Red Velvet Latte

Let me blow your mind. It won’t hurt, it’ll just be delicious.

A couple months ago it was drizzling and cold in Victoria. Shocking, I know. I wanted something warm, so I headed out to the downtown Teaopia for a London Fog. For the uninitiated, that’s a latte made with Earl Grey tea instead of espresso, and flavoured with vanilla. Delicious. However, this time I realized that I wanted an adventure. Why not try the Red Velvet Latte instead? It has such a decadent name.

What was it? Teaopia’s Amazing Vanilla rooibos, raspberry syrup, milk of my choice.

And lo, it was tasty.

So I endeavoured, not being able to afford $5 for a latte as often as I’d wish, to recreate it at home with the ingredients on hand. It didn’t go over so well. I only had the dregs of raspberry syrup, the rooibos I had was a bit on the stale side, and it just wasn’t exciting. So I tinkered around some more and drank way too many lattes. Now I have a working recipe. And it’s fantastic!

What I used: David’s Tea’s Creme Brulee rooibos, Summerland Sweets raspberry syrup, Cadbury Hot Chocolate mix, and almond milk. But these are suggestions. Feel free to play around.

Amber’s Red Velvet Tea Latte

serves 1

1 cup double strength flavoured rooibos
1 tsp or to taste raspberry syrup
1/4 – 1/2 tsp hot chocolate powder
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
enough steamed or frothed milk to fill your mug or glass

Brew your tea. I usually steep rooibos 8-10 minutes. For lattes I brew in a separate, smaller cup and pour into a large mug. I prep the mug with adding raspberry syrup which I never measure: I just coat the bottom of the mug. I sprinkle some chocolate mix on top, add the vanilla, and then the tea. I heat my milk in the microwave if I’m feeling lazy, or on the stove if I’m not. Then I froth my milk with a plunge frother. The milk prep is a matter of preference and what you have on hand: you can zap the milk and froth it with a fork, or you can steam it barista style.

Mix it all together until it’s a rich caramel colour, and if you really want, add some red food colouring to make it red. Enjoy!