Heralds of Valdemar Reviews: Arrow’s Fall

Arrow’s Fall
Mercedes Lackey
The Heralds of Valdemar: Book 3

I actually thought I’d already reviewed this one. Guess not. Well, that’s embarrassing. I had all these clever things to say. Let’s see if I can remember them.

Let’s see. In this book, Orthallen is obviously evil and no one believes Talia, again. Misunderstandings abound. It’s a bit contrived, perhaps, but still an engaging story. I think it’s a good ending to a solid trilogy, and it remains one of Lackey’s better series. This trilogy is one of the most tightly plotted of any of Lackey’s works. The plot has a very clear structure, too: upon Talia’s return to Haven, her triumph of having overcome the obstacles of Arrow’s Flight wears off quickly as things go wrong—misunderstandings, arguments, etc. The Queen sends her off as an ambassador to the neighbouring country of Hardorn, where shit promptly hits the fan, and the end brings it all to a satisfying close.

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