Three DavidsTea Blends

It occurs to me that this blog needs more tea. So here’s some recommendations for all you fellow tea drinkers. I am drinking coffee as I write this, but I’m no heretic—I’m an equal-opportunity drinker.

If you’re lucky, you live near a DavidsTea. If you’re not, they do mail order. They’re a Canadian company, so I’m predisposed to like them. And their tea sure tastes good. I’m still not sure how I feel about their overexcited marketing, but I do get a kick out of reading their tea write-ups.

1. Glitter & Gold: I’ll be honest. I bought this because the lady behind the counter said it sparkles when it steeps. Yes, I can be won over that superficially, I’ll never outgrow my love of sparkles. And it does, in fact, sparkle. For most intense sparkling, use an opaque or dark cup: when I steeped it in glass the effect was washed out by the light. The sparkling is caused by sugar crystals melting into the water.

Most importantly, however, this tea actually does taste really good! It actually took a few cups to convince me—a slow seduction—but it was worth it.

Glitter & Gold is a Chinese black tea with cinnamon and citrus. It reminded me of Silk Road’s Golden Phoenix, which is a semi-green also blended with cinnamon and citrus, but with darker, fuller flavour. Drinking Glitter & Gold is like wrapping yourself in warm blankets on a cold winter’s night watching the snow catch and shine in the streetlights. It’s probably the best tea ever for New Year’s since, you know, it sparkles. I’ll be buying more when the weather turns cooler.

2. Organic Buttered Rum: This was my favourite tea to bring to poetry workshops. It’s black tea with coconut. I suspect that if you don’t like artificial butter flavours, you’ll probably dislike this tea; but if they don’t bother you, and if you do in fact enjoy them like me, you’ll love this. It’s hard to hate anything related to rum in my opinion. Plus, this one’s organic. Bonus!

This is the kind of tea I can drink anytime, anywhere. For many of my teas, I need to be in the right mood, or it has to be the right kind of tea. (I can’t drink green at night, dessert teas need to be after or between meals, etc). Buttered Rum is right up there with Earl Grey as my workhorse tea.

3. Organic Crème Brûlée: This is the tea I make Red Velvet lattes with. It’s tasty. I don’t find, personally, that it tastes or smells much like caramel, as they advertise. It smells like sugar (though no sugar is added), cream and rooibos. I don’t know much about rooibos varieties, but the ingredients list ‘green rooibos’ as the type in this blend. I guess the flavour of rooibos is much less assertive in this tea than in the regular rooibos I’ve had. My mother, who does not like rooibos at all, loved this tea and drank her whole mug down.

Since rooibos (green and red) has anti-histamines (bioflavonoids), I’ve read that a big mug a day of rooibos will reduce hay fever and other allergic reactions. If you have seasonal allergies and don’t like regular rooibos, this tasty tea might be a great alternative. A spoonful of tea helps the medicine go down? I can’t verify this in any empirical fashion, though, because I don’t have allergies, and it seems there hasn’t been much research. No reason not to try it, though. It certainly can’t hurt.