TV Reviews: Avatar Part 2: The Legend of Korra

I didn’t really have high hopes for The Legend of Korra, since it’s not at all my kind of setting. Too modern, a drastic change from the low-tech world of The Last Airbender. However, I had hopes that like its predecessor it would shine in the humour and character development areas.

Starting out, it had great promise! The characters were very interesting—I especially loved the dynamic between Korra and poor put-upon Tenzin. Conflicts were set up: Korra leaves home to learn airbending in cosmopolitan Republic City where nonbenders led by a mysterious leader clamouring for the end of bending. Nonbenders vs benders is an interesting question that was not brought up in The Last Airbender. I was curious to see how it would be addressed. There was a lot of potential set up.

Legend of Korra, however, did not deliver on any of its promises.

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