Welcome, welcome to Fantastic Teacup!

Pull up a chair and pour yourself some tea. Or if coffee’s more your style, go right ahead—we don’t judge people around here. What we judge are books. Any books? Yes, of course, but my specialty is fantasy, fairy tales, myth. As the incredible Peter S. Beagle said, “all writing is fantasy anyway … to set any event down in print is immediately to begin to lie about it, thank goodness.” Which is why you may find my concept of genre flexible. Or not.

You see, I’m unimpressed that fantasy isn’t considered ‘literary,’ and is buried under a wall of shoddy writing and tacky bookcovers. I have strong opinions about books. I’ve spent five years in a university setting learning the writer’s craft, critiquing, and thinking critically about literature and what that means and how it applies to the books I love. This is my space for bookish passion, joy and the spices of outrage, annoyance, and complaint. Feel free to join in, to disagree outright, to recommend a good read.

Be warned: there will be discussion of, among other things, visual arts, crafts, philosophy, and lots of praise for the wonders of tea.


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