Tea, Elixir of the Gods

Truth is, I have a tea obsession.

I drink anywhere from one mini-teapot full (18 oz approx) to three a day of the stuff. I have over 9 varieties at the moment, in bags or loose leaf. I have a fondness for black teas (namely Earl Grey), flavoured green tea, rooibos teas, herbal tisanes, and anything involving pomegranate.

And what in all the myriad heavens and hells does that have to do with fantasy fiction?

Hey, beats me. But it’s a common drink in fantasy. I mean, herbs steeped in water is a pretty easy drink to make. It’s easily cross-cultural. Teas are also multipurpose. They can be ritual drinks, or healing brews… teas are your standard magic potion.

They are also good for making homework assignments more bearable, fuelling novels, and as an excuse for inviting friends over.

Now, because anyone who reads this is a wonderful, beautiful person and deserving of much treasure (aw, Amber, you shouldn’t have), here’s a tea recipe for you.

Sweet & Sour Rooibos

Brew a plain rooibos tea (Rooibos Surprise and variations would be unwise simply due to the complexity of flavours). My tea of choice for this would be Ruby Pagoda from Silk Road, but if you don’t live in Victoria, any basic rooibos will do.

Mix in 1/4th pomegranate juice and 1/4th raspberry concentrate. You can also do this to taste.


Note: This is a riff off of a Silk Road recipe. To see the original (a blend of pomegranate juice and Ruby Pagoda) and legions more, go here.

2 responses to “Tea, Elixir of the Gods

  1. That’s a gorgeous tea set. I find drinking tea from a nice cup makes the experience much more relaxing and fun 🙂

    I hope tea parties make a come back- I wanna hold them and try new teas- thanks for the recipe!

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